Lokomotywa spalinowa BR218 235, ciemnoczerwona, AC (ESU 32025)

ESU 32025 - Lokomotywa spalinowa BR218 235 przewoźnika DB, ciemnoczerwona w najbardziej zaawansowanej konfiguracji cyfrowej z dźwiękiem oraz generatorem dymu. Edycja ESU Engineering Edition


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The locomotive is equipped with a load controlled smoke generator, comprehensive sensor system for triggering sound effects appropriate to various scenarios such as running over turnouts or through sharp curves, a specially adapted LokSound decoder with two speakers and a PowerPack assuring trouble-free, smooth running even on dirty track or complex yard ladders. Complete lighting including cab lighting, driver´s cab-control panel and appropriate lighting for shunting mode with warm white LEDs rounds of the outstanding technical features. All this results in the same level of ESU quality you have come to expect and appreciate from our digital products.

Chassis and body are made of high quality metal and assure due to their weight of about 500 grams prototypical pulling power. In case you wish to run your model without traction tires we have added suitable spare wheel sets to the 2-rail units.

Set into the chassis is a powerful five pole skew wound precision motor with optimised “silent” commutator – developed by ESU. This provides power tamed by two flywheels via a combination of worm gear / helical gear box to four of the four axles (3-rail version: three axles).

Of course, you will find all prototypical variations between the models of the different production series between the two class 218 models and the models of class 215 and 225. Thus the 218 235 in the original red livery has the prototypical radiators type Kuckuck on the roof where the 218 102 from the first series only has a simple hatch. The perforated brake leverage adjusters of the 218 235 are a feast for your eyes, which have been removed on the 218 102 in 2003. Well, you can see that ESU diesel locomotives are realistic replicas of the prototype down to the smallest detail.

Dane techniczne

Model Metal body and chassis.
  Separate small brass and plastic parts
  Brass steps
  Separate handle bars
  Perforated radiator grills on the roof
  Sprung buffers
  Bogie side frame cover with metal coil springs
  Coupler shaft as per NEM 362 with short coupler kinematic
  5 pole skew wound high performance motor with optimised “silent” commutator with two electronically balanced fly wheels
  Power train to 4 axles (3-rail: three axles) via Cardan and worm gear
  Two traction tires
  Headlights, cab lighting, illuminated driver´s cab-control panel with maintenance-free warm white LEDs.
Digital functions Controlled with the ESU LokSound V4.0 M4 decoder with speaker.
  Turnout and curve sensors
  “PowerPack” storage capacitor for uninterrupted power supply.
  Load dependent, fan driven smoke generator
  Digitalised original sounds of a 218 with a 2,500 HP power plant
  Signal horn
  Load dependent smoke generator
  Lighting at either end can be separately switched off
  Lighting for shunting mode
  Cab lighting and illuminated driver´s cab-control panel
  Smoke generator can be switched off
  Squealing on turnouts or in sharp curves can be switched off
  Digitalised original sounds of a 218 with a 2500 HP power plant
Analogue functions Directional lighting
Scope of delivery Locomotive in representative packaging
  Comprehensive spare parts set with traction tires and many small parts (wind screen wipers, steps, etc.)
  2 replacement wheel sets without traction tires (2-rail version only)
  Pipette for refilling the smoke generator
  Comprehensive documentation with information on the prototype

Data sheet

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21MTC 21-pin
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